Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Hope...

Looks like I'm still getting hits so I had better update. The MRI's on my kids came back normal, which doesn't surprise me because mine always did as well. The important part was getting the films for myself. I looked at them and my youngest looks like she has plenty of room but my oldest looks crowded so I will be watching her. Quite frankly I am adept at measuring for myself but the MRI is of such poor quality it is hard to identify the two bones I need as reference points to draw the line and see what's hanging below.

I still have headaches they come in waves. I just got over a two week headache and am feeling pretty good for the past 5 days. My biggest complaints are headache and fatigue (along with the rapid heart rate problem that comes and goes). If I could get rid of these issues I would be right as rain. Anyway, I was sent to a spine doc at CC to see if Tarlov cyst was the prob. Nope. So I researched on my own (this is how I solve all of my own medical problems) and I came across Dysautonomia. I think I found my needle. I read that POTS is heavily associated with Chiari. So, I learned how to tell if you have the condition and I tested myself. It fits!! There is no cure but they can help with the symptoms by slowing your heart rate and stabilizing your blood pressure. The current theory is that dysautonomia is caused by brain stem compression. HELLOOOO!! I am getting a Tilt Table Test Dec. 2. I am a little concerned that I will be going through a good span and nothing will happen. Isn't that awful?!? I just want it to fully represent what I go through more days than not. I did wear an event monitor for a week. It was supposed to be for a month but I am very allergic to sticky tape, even their hypoallergenic ones. Will let y'all know what I find out.

Good Health and Happy Holidays to All!
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