Thursday, March 25, 2010

Almost there...

Well, I sent the singer all of the emails I received in regards to the supplement. This is what he wrote back:

This is amazing. You are the ring leader for your condition. Wow! I passed this on to Scott and Linda. I am going to share your story with the Dr. and CEO on April 16th when I am at their house if you don't mind. You can really help so many people and it is touching to read their notes and how they are reaching out for hope. Talk to you soon.

Don't worry, I set him straight on the ring leader part :) I told him I am more of the red-headed step child of Chiari. I don't follow the rules (i.e. I am not a sheep of TCI). I am more the kid they want to lock in the closet because I do my own thing -- ALWAYS. If it doesn't feel right or something is hinky or the facts just don't add up, I question. That is how I ended up finding Dr. Heffez and Dr. Di. I diagnosed myself and then just found a couple doctors who thought outside the box. Being a free thinker is what led me to Endoscopic Decompression rather than the standard cave-man approach offered by most of the Chiari docs. And that same attitude of defiance, of refusing to believe that I have to live with this broken pain-filled body, is what led me to take a strange pill handed to me by a friend. (Well, that and perhaps the hand of God.) Doctors would scoff and mock me, they usually do, but I am in charge of my own destiny and was pleasantly surprised by how many of you were too.

I will start week three on Sat. My trial is almost finished. At the end of my trial, I will give my review and name the supplement. I am extremely analytical and what I don't want to do is give false facts or offer false hope. However, this product appears to be the real deal. Today was horribly overcast and rainy, very conducive of migraines for me. Well, no migraine today! My foot is still doing wonderfully. I am sleeping so much better and waking up refreshed, my sleep is filled with dreams I can remember (this means lots of REM sleep!) and I feel just a basic wellness. I offered my body as guinea pig. Please be patient. I promise I am not keeping it secret, just trying to be accurate. I am trying to figure out how to even get it to y'all.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Un-Freaking Real!!

Ok, I am two weeks into my supplement trial and I noticed yesterday that I couldn't feel my foot unless I really concentrated! Now I know what you are thinking; "Oh Lori, how horrible!". But you are wrong. It is a glorious development! I have had peripheral neuropathy in my left foot for years. I always feel my foot -- ALWAYS! It drives me mad! It keeps me from sleeping! Ugh!! This supplement has done for me what the neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic could not; it gave me relief from my neuropathy! Amazing grace, how sweet the sound...

I have been bombarded by requests for the name of the supplement. It is not sold in stores. The pharmaceutical companies do not want this product on the market. They can't make money on it :) Finally, something that can help our community which suffers so greatly and is offered such little hope. There is already testimonials in regards to MS, migraines/chronic headaches, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and neuropathy. A side effect seems to be weight loss!! HELLO!! Most of the meds the docs have me on have far less desirable side effects, lol!

The singer (my friend who introduced me to the supplement; I call him this because he is the singer of a band :) is being flown by the CEO to CA to have a private meeting with the creators of the supplement. It is backed by some pretty impressive people. The singer has graciously offered to take whatever questions I have to the big wigs and bring back the answers. I am going to go ahead and extend that offer to my Chiari family. What would you like to know? Tell me your story. I will forward everyone's story to the singer and he can take them with him to CA. He can show them the incredible need our community has. We can have a voice in revolutionary, all-natural healthcare that will change our lives forever! I may sound a little overzealous here (or perhaps just plain nuts) but I have tried it myself and I have noticed the changes in my body! I am one of you. I have been where you are and felt what you feel. I believe this product has changed my life and now I am going to change your lives! The singer blessed me and now I want to bless all of you!

SEND ME YOUR STORIES! TELL THE SUPPLEMENTS CREATORS YOUR STORIES OF PAIN AND ALL OF THE MAN-MADE POISON THAT THE DOCTORS HAVE PUT YOU ON THAT ONLY MADE YOU FEEL LIKE CRAP!! Just a paragraph of two, please. You can send them to me personally via my email which is in the profile or you can put it in the comments. I want to send as many stories as possible! He leaves at the end of this week, so please hurry!

God bless :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Ok, not really sure if there is a link but my sinus infection is almost completely cleared up. I am still blowing my nose like crazy BUT I can breathe through both sides. That hasn't happened in 3 months! Hard to believe it is the supplement already, it has only been four days, but it is the only thing I am doing differently. I was told that it eliminated inflammation (sinus' were swollen almost shut). This is pretty exciting to me! We all know, as Chiarians that swelling is a part of the bargain. Especially if you have other conditions related to the ACM such as POTS. I happen to have Sjogrens as well and am eager to see if this helps my joints.

And the watch continues...

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Breakthrough in Anti-Aging help for Chiari Peeps Too?!?

Ok, so I was visiting a friend down in Indy when he turned me on to a fairly new supplement. It has been featured on main stream television and uses five natural ingredients combined to produce a powerful pill that restores cells back to the health they enjoyed as a newborn! This is a pretty big claim but it is currently being backed up by research in 14 major universities studying this pill. My friend gave me a bottle to try for a month. According to him, it helps with inflammation. He discovered the pill whilst trying to help his parents; his mom has MS and his dad has a brain tumor. He swears it has helped them both and countless others. I am very excited by the research. Although its original use is anti-aging, it is possible that this could help with our Chiari. For instance, I still have migraines and peripheral neuropathy in my foot. It has already helped his friends who have headaches. What if it gets rid of the tingling in my foot?!? I am uber excited to be your Guinea Pig. I am on day two. As the month progresses, I will keep you updated on any progress.

FYI, I have had a sinus infection for 3 months now - cannot shake it. I have been on every anti-biotic and nothing has worked. My doctor said my next stop is the ENT. I am eager to see if this pill can help with the inflammation in my sinuses.

Stay tuned...
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