Friday, May 14, 2010

MIL is hooked!

My mother-in-law has RSD (what Paula Abdul has, it is characterized by chronic debilitating pain - sound familiar?!?) and arthritis and asthma. She has been on Protandim for less than a week and she says it has helped both her arthritis and her asthma!! Awesome!! She said she hasn't had to take near as much asthma meds and this is in a little less than one week of taking the supplement! I am so excited by this! She is an awesome lady! I am going to send a sample to her brother-in-law next. He has scleroderma, which is an autoimmune disease causing tightening of the skin. Hopefully, he will find some relief in Protandim.

Still have free samples left! If interested just click on the link to the left.

Much love,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back From Tiff's

Well, I have fabulous news to report! Tiff said that the fascia was completely out of the way and she could get to the knots easily!! Yay Protandim!! She was stunned in disbelief. She told me that she has people come in all the time trying to get her to buy/sell supplements and all natural remedies for pain relief and they are all crap (her words). Tiff said this is the very first time that she has felt palpable proof that a supplement worked in healing the body! She is now trying the six day trial that I am offering to y'all PLUS she is offering my information to all of her clients and has my Protandim newspaper on her practice table. I am so very happy that I will be able to help others :)) I can't wait to start hearing from all of my Chiarian brothers and sisters who have requested samples. They should be receiving them in the mail today!!

Much love

Dreary Weather, Beautiful Day :))

Well, the weather is horrible here in Northeast Indiana. Lots of rain and overcast. Before Protandim, I would have been in excruciating pain as soon as I woke up (hell, it probably would have woken me up!). After Protandim, I woke up having no idea it was raining till I heard it hitting the house. No pain at all. Not even a shadow of a headache! My poor teenager has inherited my migraines and she woke up in horrible pain :( I think I will start her on Protandim as well.

Talked with Ann Hood again yesterday. She is adding Dr. Di to the list of recommended docs on WACMA! I am very excited about that. I am to call her back tomorrow to discuss my blog and endoscopic decompression. She rocks! Ann is as passionate about getting the word out as I am!

Well, it is off to Tiff, my massage therapist, to see if Protandim has helped my muscles again. I will post when I return :)

Much love

Friday, May 7, 2010

Quick Update...

Well, it is raining here in northern Indiana this morning. Normally, rain would equal misery because I would have a raging headache thanks to the weather and barometric pressure change. But, guess what, I don't even have a hint of pain! NONE! I love Protandim :))))

I also want to send love to Rich who just flew out to San Fransisco to perform a couple concerts! He took his parents with him :) Isn't that sweet? He's adorable! Anyway, he has a Protandim meeting over there as well so I cannot wait to see what info he brings back for me! Let's all send good thoughts his way for a successful concert and meeting. If you're in the San Fransisco area look up Rich Hardesty and check out his concert. If you have any Protandim questions, I know he would be happy to talk with you :)

Here is to a pain free day for all of you,
God Bless!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Protandim Arrived!

I have mailed out the samples to all those that asked :)) I am so excited to hear your experiences. If there are any other Chiarians that would like to try Protandim for free, just send me an address and I will get it to you. This is truly exciting for our community!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Conversation with Ann Hood (WACMA)

I wanted to tell y'all about my conversation with Ann Hood (WACMA - Chip's sister). Many of you, if not all of you, are members of WACMA so I am sure you know who Ann is. Anyway, I talked with her last Friday regarding getting the message out to Chiarians about endoscopic decompression. I had noticed on WACMA, that all the info was really about the old school zipperhead surgery. First, let me tell you that she is one great lady! She was a hoot! We talked about exactly what endoscopic decompression is and who qualifies for the surgery. She was very interested in what I had to say. I told her that the leading Chiari doctors (Oro and TCI) don't promote it because there is no money in a surgery they cannot perform. Endoscopic surgery takes amazing skills and tedious training. It is hard to perform brain surgery on a TV screen! Dr. Di developed some of the instruments he uses in the surgery because it is so new they didn't exist. Ann said she was going to shoot one of the TCI docs an email to ask why they do not provide the choice of a much less invasive decompression with a much quicker recovery time and a shorter hospital stay (24 hours for me!)! Isn't that awesome! Ann will get us some answers :) I just love this lady!! She was so supportive. She is going to put a link to my blog on WACMA's site!! How cool is that? She had to go out of town for a week but I am to call her next weekend to go over what TCI said and to see how else she can help me spread the word. She gave me contact names of key players from other sites and I am going to contact them to see if they would be willing to help educate our community on the endoscopic alternative. I started this blog to help my Chiarian community. Between having Ann on my side, this blog's success, and Protandim, I am realizing my dream of paying it forward! Here is to all of those who helped me get well, now I am well enough to help others... full circle :)))

Life is good!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Update On Samples...

For all of you who have written me requesting a sample, it did not arrive this weekend. I am hoping that it will be here Monday. Oh, and one more thing, I found out the easiest way to get it to you is to send it regular mail in an envelope which only requires a stamp. This means I will not need reimbursed for shipping it to you. I thought it was gonna be a bigger deal shipping it since it is a pill, but Rich just sent my six pills wrapped in a paper towel in a 44 cent stamped envelope. Works for me! I can afford a book of stamps, LOL :))

FYI, I still have samples left if anyone is interested. What harm is there in trying something that may relieve some of your symptoms and give you better quality sleep which in turn makes you feel more energetic and alive? Especially when that something is all natural and FREE!! I plan on following those who are trying out the samples, as much as they will allow, and reporting it on here. Hopefully, Protandim will make as big of a difference in their lives as it did mine!! I am so happy God has afforded me a way to help my Chiari community! I feel so useful now! So many years wasted, sitting on a couch, feeling useless and helpless. Now, I have the power to take control of my own life and the blessed opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others!

I had a lady contact me from Florida who has requested a sample of Protandim. She is in bad shape and nothing seems to have helped her. Her husband even reached out to me! How beautiful is that!! You could feel the love he put into the email. Anyway, Rich (the Singer) will be in Florida in the next month or two and if all goes well with the six day experiment, the couple who wrote me want to meet with Rich. That is why Rich will be down there, he is talking with a group of folks down there who are interested in Protandim. So, my point is this, if any of my readers are from Florida and would like to meet Rich and talk with him about what the supplement is and what it can do for them, just let me know and I will make sure you meet! He is a very kind man and getting the word out about Protandim is his passion. He believes so strongly on the healing agents in this supplement. So do I, as I have witnessed it for myself! The weather is horrible here in Indiana. It is raining and overcast, I should be a throbbing painful mess. But I am not. Can only attribute that to Protandim! I am so excited for those of you who are trying it!! I cannot wait to read your take of the supplement!
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