Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why Mention Pelvic Floor Prolapse?

I would like to address why I mentioned the PFP or bladder prolapse in my last post. Before I ever got pregnant, I went to a specialist in Ehlers Danlos. I have both Mitral and Tricuspid Valve prolapse, with very visible veins through my skin. My father died from heart related issues in his mid 40's which he was plagued with since childhood. Many Chiarians are aware that EDS and Chiari can co-exist. I was concerned about the vascular form due to my history. The expert basically told me that without genetic testing, he could only speculate. His opinion was that I most likely do not have EDS, or if I do it is very mild, and to continue on with my life plans. My point... bladder prolapse could be a result of EDS (weakened connective tissue). Of course women have this issue who do not have EDS. I did just have my third child! But, given this forum, I thought it pertinent to mention. As with every single symptom we deal with on a daily basis, it is a guess as to the origin: I feel nauseous today. Is it Chiari or did I eat something bad, or perhaps I have the beginnings of a migraine, maybe its an ulcer...


R. Green said...

Do you know where Dr, Di is now? he left Cleveland Clinic the day my wife was scheduled for surgery. Right before they shaved her head in fact... they cam e in and said sorry he is no longer practicing here. have a fine drive home and just live with it. No one will help her, they all say live with it. Not sure we want the surgery now finding out that in most cases it is only temporary, and with the nerve damage it is likely not to get better since it has been so long.. but the endoscopic method seems to be the best option.

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