Monday, September 22, 2008

Monthly Update

So I went to see Di last Wednesday. I had my 3 month MRI done right before the appointment. Di showed my husband and I how beautiful the flow is and said it couldn't be more perfect. You could actually see all this room behind the cerebellum full of wonderful beautiful spinal fluid. Neat. Then we went into the exam room and he answered all our questions. He was running behind but didn't rush us at all. Did I mention how much I love this man?! With the flow now flowing I asked why my left leg was tingly and why my heart is starting its racing crap again. (By the way, those are the only symptoms left with the exception of an occasional headache. WooHoo!!) He said he did not know but would help me. He wanted me to resend my lumbar MRIs (said he never got them in the first place?!?) and he would check for Tethered Cord, but he didn't think he would find it. Then I asked him if maybe it was the Tarlov Cyst noted on my lumbar MRI radiology report. He said that would definitely be a probability for my leg and he would look at its location on the films once I send them. I sent them on Friday and he said he would let me know within one week of receiving them. So, I wait. At least there is hope for my leg!! It's freakin' driving me crazy!

Anyway, while I was waiting on Di, I was standing in the hall talking to another of his patients that I have been in contact with since before my surgery. (We planned the rendezvous. She is 3 months out too.) It was the first time we had met face to face. Her appointment was before mine, so she and her hubby waited for us and we all went to lunch in one of the hundred or so cafeterias at CC. While we were there, we met up with another of Di's "victims" who was one month out. Her hubby was with her as well, so you can imagine the 6 of us yackin' it up about all the negligent doctors and ignorant nurses we have run across along the way, all the while surrounded by the very wolves we were insulting.

Two of us had a horrible hospital stay at CC. Thank the stars that I only had to stay one night! The other poor girl was there for five days! We both had trouble getting our pain meds or pretty much any attention at all from our assigned nurses. I honestly do not know whether they were overworked or just crappy at their job. I don't care. I'm the one in the hospital bed! I'm the one with a hole in my head! I keep meaning to write CC about my stay, just keep forgetting. Shame on me. Another lady from Florida that we have been in contact with through WACMA also flew in that afternoon for her first meeting with Di but hubby and I had to get back to the kiddies so we weren't able to meet her.

Funny side note on Di: The man always pulls out a brown paper towel from the dispenser, then asks if he can borrow a pen and draws you a pic of whatever it is you are there for. We compared notes and laughed when we realized that, here's this celebrated (more than likely well-to-do) Neurosurgeon who doesn't carry around paper (or even leave a pad in each room) or own a pen?!? We all decided that during our next check up with Di, we would each buy him a tablet (something cutesy like High School Musical) and a pack of Bic pens as a thank-you/gag gift. Maybe you have to know him for that to be funny but I wouldn't have it any other way. He is just a sweetheart.

I'll blog again when I know something new. Hope your pain free!

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Alax said...

LOL - I just saw Dr. Di and he is STILL whipping out the paper towel and borrowing a pen! That cracked my husband and I up!

Needless to say we clicked with him instantly and I'm scheduled for surgery in Jan. Can't wait, seriously.

I'm wondering exactly how much hair they shave, which I didn't even worry about before, but now it seems like something to focus on instead of you know, BRAIN SURGERY. I saw your pics, but can you give it to me in inches? And should I plan on pigtails or a ponytail for a few weeks?


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