Sunday, October 5, 2008

MRI's for the kids...

and they looked pretty normal to me (I am an expert after all! :-). I received a card in the mail for my eldest saying it was read as normal, still waiting on the youngest daughter's results. Both kids sat through the test fine. My NS said he would look at the films if I wanted him to, which I probably do. I was worried about them because the youngest has had constant stomach aches and headaches for years. Doctor's said it was acid reflux and put her on prevacid which did nothing. Finally I figured out that maybe she didn't have enough good bacteria in her digestive track thanks to years of antibiotics from constant infections as a baby. I bought some probiotics at the health food store and it works pretty well. Still wanted to check it out though since I read that Chiari presents in children as headaches and stomach aches. My eldest has horrible headaches and has had these weird passing out attacks. Not sure what they are since I have never witnessed them. I don't know if they are drop attacks or what since I have never had these. Anyway, the Neurologist (whom I really like) said that if the MRI's turned out OK he may consider testing her for seizures. Weird. A couple of Neurologists wanted to test me for seizures but I never went. The pediatric Neuro also gave her migraine meds to try for her headaches. We will see....


Chad said...

I just wanted to thank you for getting the word out about the endoscopic option for Chiari treatment.

My father called me tonight after 10 pm - a sure sign something is wrong. It turns out my 13 year old sister has been diagnosed with Type I after having been suffering dizzy spells and migraines lately. She's lucky in that they dignosed her after only a few weeks unlike the nightmare you endured in trying to get to the bottom of your illness.

We are meeting with a neurologist tomorrow, and because you have taken the time to make people aware that there is a much better surgical option we are going in informed and resolute about her treatment.

For my sister it could make all the difference. She is a gifted athlete in gymnastics and soccer and cheerleading. From what I have gathered, the endoscopic technique will put her on the road to recovery in weeks as opposed to months with the "zipperhead" invasive surgery. Obviously, she will have to take it very slowly, but it seems so clear to me that her body will be concentrating on healing itself of the effects of Chiari instead of spending alot of time repairing massive tissue damage first. Thank you for making us aware that there is an option!

Chad Kimrey

Lori said...

Your so welcome Chad. She should heal very well, especially being young, they have the advantage. Your absolutely right about the tissue damage. It is so much easier the endoscopic route. Don't misunderstand, it is still brain surgery, but they don't actually enter the lining of the brain and that is what saves us from the horrible complications that zipperheads face. God bless and I hope she does well. She has a great start with such a supportive family.

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