Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ahhh... relief :))

Just finished with Thomas, my new massage therapist. He was phenomenal! He beat the crap out of me and I loved it! I feel so much looser with full range of motion again! He is tatooed and married, about my age. He is also legally blind which I think makes him an awesome masseur. Since he cannot rely on his sight, he relies on his sense of feel. Man, it was good :) This town holds so much promise... first, Hinder comes to our county fair and now I find an amazing pain manager! Life is good!


Cassandra said...

I wouldn't have made it through the years before and the year since surgery if it wasn't from my massage therapist. She is phenomenal too! I'm very happy you found yourself a good one too!

Lori said...

Thanks Cassandra! He beat me up maybe a little too much (at my request). I think we will dial it down next time. All in all, the massage was fantastic! God bless the masseuse :)

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