Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finding my happiness.

I haven't updated in almost a year. For the majority of it, my Chiari has been "sleeping". Lately, however, I have noticed some changes. It is funny how soon we forget the pain when it is no longer present; kind of like childbirth. This season has been unbelievably wet and, as most of you are aware, we are extremely sensitive to barometric pressure. I have so many headaches now. This of course leads to the overuse of medication which morphs into a rebound headache. Always a good time.

My husband and I are doing extremely well as a couple. We have recently moved. With the blessing of God, we sold our house back in May and are now in the process of purchasing a new one. Everybody please pray that our selfish government officials do not screw this up for us!

Little update on the Fam: Today is hubby's birthday. We are staying above a pole barn in the country owned by one of hubby's co-workers. They are very nice and will be coming over for birthday cheesecake. My girls are doing great, as well, although I have not seen them for most of the summer. My eldest is driving and my baby will be eleven next month. Good golly I feel old!

Moving to a new town has its difficulties, especially when you have a rare medical condition (or 2 or 3+ as most of us do). I have to find a new doc which is such a tedious process; I just got done training the last one! I think I have found a new massage therapist already, though. Hopefully he is a keeper. My friend and former massage therapist is going to call him and give him the low down on my condition. I told her to make sure he knows how much I like pain. Seriously, if I can't feel it how is it working? If I want to be petted, I will lay next to my husband ;) I will find out on Saturday if my new masseur is any good. Keeping my fingers crossed for some non-medicated relief.

So many things are going on in my life right now. I am searching my soul to find out what makes me happy. I have found myself depressed lately. The other night I cried my eyes out... I was just so sad :( There are so many young people where I work and they are established in their careers and making really good money. I had my brain surgery in June of 2008, went back to school in Dec. 2008, and just graduated last year; I am just beginning my career. I am almost 38 years old and making the same money as the high school fry cook. I am tired and hate the idea of starting from scratch. My husband said, "find something you love and I will support you". He is a great husband! I think what I love most is writing and helping people. Here, on this blog, I can combine both. So, this is me finding my happiness...

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