Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Ok, not really sure if there is a link but my sinus infection is almost completely cleared up. I am still blowing my nose like crazy BUT I can breathe through both sides. That hasn't happened in 3 months! Hard to believe it is the supplement already, it has only been four days, but it is the only thing I am doing differently. I was told that it eliminated inflammation (sinus' were swollen almost shut). This is pretty exciting to me! We all know, as Chiarians that swelling is a part of the bargain. Especially if you have other conditions related to the ACM such as POTS. I happen to have Sjogrens as well and am eager to see if this helps my joints.

And the watch continues...


Kate said...

Do you have a name for ora link to info. about this new supplement?


Lori said...

Hi Kate! I have a phone conference set up with the friend who turned me on to the supplement. He is giving me the information I need to thoroughly answer your question. The supplement is not found in any stores; you have to go through a distributor. I will try to post tomorrow what ever information he gives me. I have been bombarded with requests to my personal email in regards to your question. Most folks know me from WACMA.

As a side note, you look absolutely beautiful in your photo! Love the dress!


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