Monday, March 15, 2010

New Breakthrough in Anti-Aging help for Chiari Peeps Too?!?

Ok, so I was visiting a friend down in Indy when he turned me on to a fairly new supplement. It has been featured on main stream television and uses five natural ingredients combined to produce a powerful pill that restores cells back to the health they enjoyed as a newborn! This is a pretty big claim but it is currently being backed up by research in 14 major universities studying this pill. My friend gave me a bottle to try for a month. According to him, it helps with inflammation. He discovered the pill whilst trying to help his parents; his mom has MS and his dad has a brain tumor. He swears it has helped them both and countless others. I am very excited by the research. Although its original use is anti-aging, it is possible that this could help with our Chiari. For instance, I still have migraines and peripheral neuropathy in my foot. It has already helped his friends who have headaches. What if it gets rid of the tingling in my foot?!? I am uber excited to be your Guinea Pig. I am on day two. As the month progresses, I will keep you updated on any progress.

FYI, I have had a sinus infection for 3 months now - cannot shake it. I have been on every anti-biotic and nothing has worked. My doctor said my next stop is the ENT. I am eager to see if this pill can help with the inflammation in my sinuses.

Stay tuned...


evelyn Vastis said...

Please let us know when you can release the name of the anti-aging supplement that might help with Chiari symptoms. I can't wait to hav emy daughter try it.

Lori said...

Hi Evie!! How old is your daughter? I have asked my friend to ask the scientist if children can take it.

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