Thursday, March 25, 2010

Almost there...

Well, I sent the singer all of the emails I received in regards to the supplement. This is what he wrote back:

This is amazing. You are the ring leader for your condition. Wow! I passed this on to Scott and Linda. I am going to share your story with the Dr. and CEO on April 16th when I am at their house if you don't mind. You can really help so many people and it is touching to read their notes and how they are reaching out for hope. Talk to you soon.

Don't worry, I set him straight on the ring leader part :) I told him I am more of the red-headed step child of Chiari. I don't follow the rules (i.e. I am not a sheep of TCI). I am more the kid they want to lock in the closet because I do my own thing -- ALWAYS. If it doesn't feel right or something is hinky or the facts just don't add up, I question. That is how I ended up finding Dr. Heffez and Dr. Di. I diagnosed myself and then just found a couple doctors who thought outside the box. Being a free thinker is what led me to Endoscopic Decompression rather than the standard cave-man approach offered by most of the Chiari docs. And that same attitude of defiance, of refusing to believe that I have to live with this broken pain-filled body, is what led me to take a strange pill handed to me by a friend. (Well, that and perhaps the hand of God.) Doctors would scoff and mock me, they usually do, but I am in charge of my own destiny and was pleasantly surprised by how many of you were too.

I will start week three on Sat. My trial is almost finished. At the end of my trial, I will give my review and name the supplement. I am extremely analytical and what I don't want to do is give false facts or offer false hope. However, this product appears to be the real deal. Today was horribly overcast and rainy, very conducive of migraines for me. Well, no migraine today! My foot is still doing wonderfully. I am sleeping so much better and waking up refreshed, my sleep is filled with dreams I can remember (this means lots of REM sleep!) and I feel just a basic wellness. I offered my body as guinea pig. Please be patient. I promise I am not keeping it secret, just trying to be accurate. I am trying to figure out how to even get it to y'all.



Adrianne said...

I can't wait until you reveal the supplement. No headaches. Real sleep. What this would mean for me!!

Lori said...

I am so psyched by this supplement! I cannot remember the last time I slept this well! I dream all night and wake up feeling fabulous! Ya know, like I actually slept! It sounds like you can appreciate just how precious that is! One more week in the experiment.

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