Thursday, April 29, 2010

My little experiment...

Ok, so I am performing a little experiment on my body. I stopped taking Protandim two weeks ago and went to the massage therapist last Tuesday. She was in awe at how tight my fascia was; the muscle knots wouldn't budge. (This is in sharp contrast to when I was on the Protandim and my usually cement muscles were more like molding clay!) According to her, I am a mess! Thanks Tiff!! Anyway, the Singer sent me six pills till my order could get here. I received his pills yesterday and started taking them immediately. Now, keep in mind that I have had non-stop daily headaches for the last week and a half or so - ever since I ran out of Protandim. Well, took Protandim last night and guess what?!? NO HEADACHE THIS MORNING! I swear God put the Singer in my path to deliver this miracle to end my suffering. More importantly, it has always been my dream to give something back; to help my community in some way. Now I have that opportunity. It is a dream come true :) Anyway, my experiment is to go back on Tuesday after 6 days on the supplement and see what she feels. She is also in on the experiment. As I mentioned before, she is going to display info at her massage business and advice her medical clients about Protandim. She is eager to see the miracle repeated.

By the way, I am tired of typing "The Singer" so I asked him if I could use his real name on my blog. He said absolutely. I haven't thus far because this man makes his living with his voice and name (his band has his name) and I didn't want to do or say anything to jeopardize that. My decision, not his. Anyway, his name is Rich Hardesty. You can google his name and find out all about him. He is sort of a free spirit, lol! Google him and you will see what I mean. He is the friend that gave me my first bottle of Protandim. It cost him money, but he did it out of the kindness of his heart and his compassion for humanity. I told him about our condition and the daily pain that comes with it. He knew he had something that could potentially help me, so he shared his private stash. He has a big heart :)

Rich texted me about this girl he met who has a suprasellar arachnoid cyst that she has had since she was three. Arachnoid cysts are found in folks with Chiari due to the build up of cerebral spinal fluid. Anyway, Rich turned her on to Protandim and she is excited to give it a try. He asked if I would talk to her, which of course I agreed to. Everyone needs someone, and while our disorders are different, they are close enough to relate with each others' struggles. Some of you out there may actually have arachnoid cysts, so you could probably totally relate. I told Rich that I want to hear her updates because it directly affects our Chiari community. I cannot wait to see what Protandim does for her! I will keep you posted on both her experience and what Tiff (my massage therapist) finds next Tuesday when she is trying to break through the cement wall that are my back muscles.

Much love!

PS I am so excited for all of you that are requesting the samples! My order should be delivered tomorrow, possibly Sat. I will send them out to you as soon as I get them! Just remember to keep my posted on your experience!! I can't wait to hear what Protandim has done for you in the short six days you will be trying it :)))

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