Monday, April 26, 2010

Supplement revealed!!!

The name of the supplement is Protandim!! Changes I noticed whilst being on Protandim: complete cessation of headaches, better quality sleep, higher energy levels, lessening of my peripheral neuropathy in my foot, and my skin cleared up and softened! Another unexpected miracle is my fascia released (tight fascia caused debilitating pain in upper back and neck)!!! My massage therapist has been working for over a year to get through my fascia which she says is so tight that it distorts my muscles into horrible knots. She said I am the worst case she has ever seen. She was about to send me to a specialist in fascia release so that she could get to the knots. Two weeks into the Protandim experiment, she got through easily! My knots were almost none existent! How can that be?!? I have suffered for years!! I have no idea how, but the Protandim is the only thing that I had changed. My massage lady is so impressed (she works almost exclusively with medical massage), that she is going to tell all her clients about my story and Protandim. She has asked me to drop off information that she can copy and hand out to them, as well as leave in the waiting room of her business. How cool is that! She is amazed at the difference she sees in me after taking the supplement.

After talking with my husband about Protandim and the miracle it has been in my life, he decided to fund my distributorship. I am very excited. I already have half the town were I live ready to try it! They have seen the difference it has made for me. If you want to get it somewhere else, please do! Just get it! Try it! You will not believe how differently you feel, even within a week! There is a link to the left which offers more information for those interested.

Personally, I would have never bought it if the Singer hadn't sent me home with a bottle. So I am offering the same to all of you; a free sample (now I can't give out a whole bottle to everyone, but I will give out a 6 day trial sample which is all you will need to see a difference)! If you want to give it a whirl to see if it changes your life as it did mine, or you have any questions regarding Protandim, just email me direct. If you want the sample; send your name, address, phone number and a brief description of why you want to try Protandim. I get a few free bottles so I will divvy them up and send them out to my Chiari family. Pay it forward, I believe is the expression. I do ask that you pay for whatever it takes to get them to you. I am not a rich woman, lol, and I am assuming that I will have a lot of takers.

Unfortunately, I ran out of the supplement a little over a week ago. The headaches are back, fierce and daily. I had forgotten what it was to be in chronic pain :( I have taken almost all of my Axert (migraine med) because the weather keeps changing and that is always a trigger. When I was on the Protandim, I had no headaches! NONE! Not even migraines with weather change! Since stopping the Protandim, my massage therapist says I am right back to the tight fascia and muscle knots :(( I am in so much pain. This is the reason I am a week late in reporting my findings to y'all. It is hard to think past the headaches, but I am preaching to the choir.. you are the one group of folks whom I know can understand. I can't wait to get my new bottle of Protandim! I want to be a normal, functioning human being again :)))

Love to you all!

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