Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dreary Weather, Beautiful Day :))

Well, the weather is horrible here in Northeast Indiana. Lots of rain and overcast. Before Protandim, I would have been in excruciating pain as soon as I woke up (hell, it probably would have woken me up!). After Protandim, I woke up having no idea it was raining till I heard it hitting the house. No pain at all. Not even a shadow of a headache! My poor teenager has inherited my migraines and she woke up in horrible pain :( I think I will start her on Protandim as well.

Talked with Ann Hood again yesterday. She is adding Dr. Di to the list of recommended docs on WACMA! I am very excited about that. I am to call her back tomorrow to discuss my blog and endoscopic decompression. She rocks! Ann is as passionate about getting the word out as I am!

Well, it is off to Tiff, my massage therapist, to see if Protandim has helped my muscles again. I will post when I return :)

Much love

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