Friday, May 7, 2010

Quick Update...

Well, it is raining here in northern Indiana this morning. Normally, rain would equal misery because I would have a raging headache thanks to the weather and barometric pressure change. But, guess what, I don't even have a hint of pain! NONE! I love Protandim :))))

I also want to send love to Rich who just flew out to San Fransisco to perform a couple concerts! He took his parents with him :) Isn't that sweet? He's adorable! Anyway, he has a Protandim meeting over there as well so I cannot wait to see what info he brings back for me! Let's all send good thoughts his way for a successful concert and meeting. If you're in the San Fransisco area look up Rich Hardesty and check out his concert. If you have any Protandim questions, I know he would be happy to talk with you :)

Here is to a pain free day for all of you,
God Bless!

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