Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back From Tiff's

Well, I have fabulous news to report! Tiff said that the fascia was completely out of the way and she could get to the knots easily!! Yay Protandim!! She was stunned in disbelief. She told me that she has people come in all the time trying to get her to buy/sell supplements and all natural remedies for pain relief and they are all crap (her words). Tiff said this is the very first time that she has felt palpable proof that a supplement worked in healing the body! She is now trying the six day trial that I am offering to y'all PLUS she is offering my information to all of her clients and has my Protandim newspaper on her practice table. I am so very happy that I will be able to help others :)) I can't wait to start hearing from all of my Chiarian brothers and sisters who have requested samples. They should be receiving them in the mail today!!

Much love

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