Friday, July 11, 2008

Feeling Much Better!

Well, I have been on the steroids for one day. I woke up this morning and no longer felt like I had the flu. The pressure is still there in the front of my face, behind my eyes and nose, but it is gone from the back of my head. I have about 4 more days to go, but it is definitely nice to not feel like such crap! I am still nauseas though. :( Steroids are supposed to be an appetite enhancer but every time I eat I want to barf. I'm hungry!

I talked to a mother from the WACMA group this morning. She was asking about her daughter who has borderline Chiari but was told there is no blockage even though she appears to have classic symptoms. I just hate radiologists for being ignorant and talking about things they no nothing about and for neurologists who just read the radiologists report and take their word for gold instead of looking at the images themselves!! What a bunch of arrogant asses! Do you know how I found out I had Chiari? I researched my symptoms which matched up with MS (already tested for that because that is exactly what the doctors suspected I had, so instead of looking for a differential diagnosis they dismissed me as a hypochondriac with depression and psychological issues) and also Chiari. I tried to tell the neurologist at the time but he got mad and firmly told me that is not what I had because my MRI report did not mention I had it. I dropped it for a year or so, came back to it and researched it after every search engine mentioned it. I learned how to measure the herniation and measured it on the copy of the MRI I had on CD. I had an obvious 4mm herniation. Good Lord! I have no medical license or training and a few hours on the Internet and I can diagnose what all these A-Holes I pay a fortune to cannot!! Ignorance is inexcusable!

Be your own advocate!! Your life depends on it!!

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