Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Week

The day after we arrived home I was pretty stiff. No more morphine really stunk! Other than that, it was uneventful.

The second day I ran a low grade fever, my heart was racing and felt like I had the flu. I felt awful and even began to panic a little thinking something must be wrong. My hubby called CC and they said that either I picked up a bug completely unrelated to the surgery or it was a reaction to the new muscle relaxers I was given, Roboxin. They told me to stop taking them and see. My hubby then called his mom because if anyone knew what to do, it is her. She has RSD, a chronic pain condition, and has more metal than organic material in her body thanks to a car accident that every doc she has seen over the years said she shouldn't have walked away from. She has had countless surgeries including I think three brain, so we thought she would be a good resource. Anyway, she asked about the meds I was on and how much I was taking. We told her about the two Darvocet every four hours and she said it sounded like I had narcotic poisoning. She has had it a few times in the past. I am small framed and that was too much for my system. She was right. I stopped taking them all together and just took Motrin and I felt much better. Thank's mom.

The rest of the week was uneventful, I had to take one pain killer at night to help with discomfort but that was going about the day using only Motrin and muscle relaxers. On Wednesday I scheduled an appt. with my PCP and got Percocet because the Darvocet made me uneasy after Monday's fiasco. By mid-week I was forgetting to take it easy. Occasionally my neck would remind me with a little twinge if I tilted my head wrong, but other than that I was beginning to feel fabulous. My energy was returning which I hadn't seen in a decade! How exciting!

Friday marked my one week anniversary and I took the pic on the blog. The wound felt tight and began to itch but other than that I was feeling pretty darn good. If I used to neck for two long it did ache deep inside and I would have to rest it on my neck pillow. It was hard to hold up for any real stretch of time. Even sitting without neck support took its toll but as long as I used my special pillow behind me, I could stay up and awake for hours.

Things I noticed that went away in weeks one:

  • Immediately after surgery, I woke up warm! I have Reynaud's and my hands and feet were usually frozen solid. That has only improved. I still occasionally get chilly, but my husband says it is nothing like it used to be before. If only for this reason alone, I am glad I had the surgery. I can't wait to see how I do in Indiana winters. Will I finally be able to go skiing with the kids?!?
  • My headaches have all but disappeared. I no longer get them with weather changes. I have had two though, but they were easily fixed with the Roboxin muscle relaxer. I now love those. ;)
  • My vision is clearing up. I am now able to read the TV screen from the couch. I don't blur over when standing up anymore, however I have had some POTS issues on two different occasions. Hopefully that will clear up with time.
  • Within two days of surgery, my numbness and tingling completely disappeared in my left foot and leg. The tingling was gone when I woke up, the only thing that stayed was twitching in my toes that lasted for a couple of days. It hasn't come back yet!
  • My muscle knots are just gone! I used to see a massage therapist for them. They were so bad and a source for my migraines. Dr. Di told us that muscle knots are caused by the Chiari and should go away as soon as he released the pressure and, wallah, he was right! By the way, it isn't just because I am taking daily muscle relaxers, I have been doing that for more than a year.
  • My tinnitus got better as well, but has not disappeared as of yet.
That was all in the first week following surgery. I find it amazing. A miracle from God via Dr. Di and his magical hands! I would name my son after him but I cannot pronounce his first name! :)

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Bekah said...

So encouraging to read your stories! I have been diagnosed with Chiari and am now seeing a Nuerosurgeon to discuss options. I have horrible symptoms and it feels good to know that others are out there.

Thanks :)

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