Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Month Anniversary

Well, yesterday was my one month surgical anniversary! I'm alive! Always good. I had a bitchin' headache yesterday but it was different than the Chiari headache or Meningitis headache. I believe it was a Rebound headache. The NS had me taking 3 Motrin every 4 hours to help with the swelling and pain of the Meningitis. I took it religiously for 2 days, then sporadically for 1 day, and nothing yesterday. They told me to make sure that I taper down or this would happen, but I never have been good at listening to others. So my punishment was pain and with a rebound you can't take anything or you will just perpetuate the headache. Irony really.

Today I am feeling much better. Still a shadow headache but all in all, pretty good. I think I will even mow a little later. I just got my medical bill from the surgery. Basically with surgeon costs, anesthesiologist costs, and Cleveland Clinic costs, it was a $53,000 surgery (remember I only stayed overnight). My portion is $0! I am so blessed to be insured.

Well, off to do the bills and budget. Lived off credit cards for about 3 years while I was sick and now we are paying the piper dearly but my family is intact and we all came out alive. I can't complain.

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