Sunday, July 20, 2008


I called the Cleveland Clinic late last week, after finishing the steroids, and told them it felt like the headache was coming back. They told me that it is probably a rebound headache from the steroids and I was supposed to take Motrin (3 every four hours) while tapering off of the steroids. The nurse finished by telling me to call on Monday and let her know either way how I feel. I asked her if she has ever heard of someone needing two packets of steroids and she said yes but really felt it was a rebound. Well, I am very versed in headaches and taking that much Motrin for any length of time will definitely lead to a rebound. However, from what I have researched and found on the Internet, steroids do not give rebounds. Actually they use steroids for rebounds so I am not sure she knows what she is talking about.

It is now Sunday and I am in some exquisite pain. I am pretty much couch ridden. I have to wait till tomorrow to call CC back and let that nurse know I feel like my head is going to explode off my shoulders. I would go to Urgent Care here in town, but I highly doubt they would do anything for me because they wouldn't want to step on another doctor's toes. All I can do now is just writhe in pain and wait it out until tomorrow morning. I am so agitated and frustrated. I keep getting a taste of what life is like for normal pain-free people and then, WHAM, I am back to contemplating taking a hammer and cracking open my skull just to get some relief from the pressure. :(

Damn my head hurts.

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