Monday, July 21, 2008

Good News!

Well, I woke up this morning feeling so much better than yesterday. I still had a headache and felt a little flu-y but definitely an improvement. My husband almost took me to the E.R. last night because I thought my head would explode! I am so glad we didn't go! As the today wore on I started to feel worse. The flu-y stuff mostly passed, but the right side of my head really felt like I was having a stroke or something. The pain was through the entire right side of my head, heading down my neck through to my shoulder, down both the upper arm and upper right side of my back. I just kept thinking that there is only one thing that comes close to this excruciating pain, a migraine. So, on a whim of desperation, I tried an Axert (migraine med). Low and behold, within an hour, my scorching stabbing pain behind my eye was gone!! I so freakin' happy!! A couple hours after that I was loading the dishwasher and felt what can only be described as a large thick rubber band snap inside some muscle that runs through my shoulder and neck. Weird.

I cannot express my excitement at being pain free again. Maybe the steroids had worked and I didn't have meningitis anymore after all. Either that, or it ran its course (usually 7-10 days) and ended with a bang(migraine). We will have to wait and see what tomorrow holds.

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