Saturday, July 5, 2008

Week 3

Well, I'm finally caught up. As you can see, I finally got a new pic of the "wound" and I can write in present tense now. Yesterday was the 4th which is one of my favorite holidays. We had a cookout which wiped me out because of all the prep from house cleaning (which has been neglected due to two camps, brain surgery, and packing and planning a trip for the kids to Florida) to all the food. I drank a beer and some wine which was nice. Then I took a nap before going to the fireworks. I love the fireworks! They are so beautiful and they make me feel all patriotic inside. They remind me of the movie The Patriot with Mel Gibson at the end when they are in battle with the English and that big ole American Flag is waving on the field. The firework booms sound like the booms of the cannons in the midst of war. I hope everyone felt a little twinge of pride in our country even though we may disagree with the direction the hill-jack lunatic we were forced to put into power has taken us.

I wanted to add a few links that have been requested by people from my chiari group, WACMA. There is information on Arnold Chiari 1 Malformation and a chiari products for sale to help support our big brained community along with support from the people who understand the most, fellow Chiarians.

First, here is their link:

Second is a link to the Cleveland Clinic's profile of their very own superstar Dr. Di:

Note that he fellowshipped at Allegheny General Hospital which is were Dr. Jho works and I believe pioneered the Chiari Endoscopic Decompression Surgery.

I will add more links as I find them.

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